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Thinking Global, Acting Social For #2012wcg

Mashable’s #smdaycincy Event Calls Social Media community to capture 2012 World Choir Games, share region’s story

The national and international spotlight shines on Cincinnati USA as it hosts the 2012 World Choir Games — the largest choral competition in the world.

From July 4-14, hundreds of choirs and thousands of singers from six continents are in Cincinnati USA to compete in 23 musical categories, participate in concerts, eat, shop and share their cultures with our community.

An International Event & Local Opportunity
How we, as a region, take advantage of this unique opportunity will determine one of the legacies of this global event. This is a chance to share the kinds of messages that will only enhance our reputation as a great place to live, work and play and positively impact Cincinnati USA economically and socially.

As a member of the Cincinnati region’s vibrant social media community, how can you help?

The simplest instructions have the most impact. Do what you always tend to do — capture and share stories as they occur in your daily life during the games.

So Much to Experience, One Hashtag to Find it All
Of course, during the 2012 World Choir Games, there are quite a few ways to be involved with social media alone.

  • Tag ALL content with #2012wcg — the official 2012 World Choir Games Hashtag.
  • Take photos and videos, blog, tweet and share your experience.
  • Post your experiences on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or other sites as applicable.
  • Check-in via FourSquare or other sites of your choice.
  • Offer testimonials at the World Choir Games blog at http://2012worldchoirgames.com.
  • Stop by the various, official World Choir Games social sites and offer your support through sharing, following, liking and what not.
  • Take time to leave location tips for visitors across Yelp, Foursquare and other sites so visitors can benefit from local insight.
  • Attend one (or more) of the many ticketed and/or free Games-related events.
  • Be patient, welcoming and hospitable to our visitors, some of whom will be experiencing the U.S. for the first and only time .

It’s a great event and in the United States for the first time. Social media will help tell its story and in the process it will tell Cincinnati’s story as well. Help write a page or two!

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